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Q08. Provision of patient/clinical care

Question: Q08. Do you provide patient/clinical care (either direct or indirect)?

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Q09. Organization of practice (solo, group, etc.)

Question: Q09. How is your MAIN patient care setting organized? Check ONLY ONE. (Note that a solo or group practice could also include another health professional who does not have her/his own caseload).

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Q10. Providing on-call

Question: Q10. Do you provide on-call services?

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Q11. Average on-call hours

Question: Q11. Estimate your average number of on-call work hours per month:

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Q12. On-call hours in direct patient care

Question: Q12. Estimate how many of your on-call hours each month are actually spent in direct patient care (e.g., phone, email, face-to-face):

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Q13. Work hours

Question: Q13. EXCLUDING ON-CALL ACTIVITIES, how many HOURS IN AN AVERAGE WEEK do you usually spend on the following activities? Assume each activity is mutually exclusive for reporting purposes.

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Q14. Hours on administrative forms

Question: Q14. How many hours per week do you spend completing administrative forms on behalf of your patients (e.g. third party insurance forms)?

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Q17. Accepting new patients

Question: Q17. To what extent is your practice accepting new patients into your MAIN patient care setting? Please check only ONE.

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Q18. Number of patients seen

Question: Q18. Please estimate the number of patients you see in a TYPICAL WEEK, EXCLUDING patient visits while you are on-call (on-call is defined as time outside of regularly scheduled activity during which you are available to patients):

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Q19a. Patient access for URGENT cases

Question: Q19a. Typically, if a patient visits your office or is referred to you, how long would that patient wait until the first available appointment WITH YOU OR YOUR PRACTICE?

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